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Welcome to www.burmesecatsforsale.com. Ancient Buddhist temples have records of a brown cat similar to todays Burmese. The modern breed of the Burmese cat is said to have been founded by a cat imported into the United States from Burma in the 1930s and then bred to a Siamese male. The Burmese cat is a medium sized cat with long, slim legs. Their fur is short and glossy. Some of the varieties are Platinum, Sable, Red, and Champagne. Other breeds of cats as well as catteries for sale may also be found on this website.
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NAKED as... Sphynx kittens
Riverside, California
$1,000.00 or $1,200.
Kittens for sale, 4 boys and a girl. Darling Siamese coloring blue-gray, some with a little white. Blue or light green bluish eyes. Exotic. $300 non-refundable deposit. Can take March 9. Kittens will be 12 weeks. Call 951-276-0847 or 951-543-8609 ask for Carol. Breeding ...
Egyptian Mau Kittens in Canada, Jewelsnile Cattery
Toronto, Ontario
$900 to $1300 CAD
Jewels Nile is an Egyptian Mau Cattery in a small family home located in Toronto, Ontario,Canada. We are registered with CFA and TICA. Our kittens come from Supreme Champion and Distinguished of Merit blood lines and have pedigrees. Pet/Companion kittens will be adopted ...
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